The Childhood & Family Learning Foundation (CFLF) is a New Orleans-based, not-for-profit organization working to improve opportunities for our city’s children to succeed in school and life. We believe that educators and health care providers must address physical, social, emotional, and academic development collectively.

Our Coordinated Care for the Whole Child Program consists of three areas of focus:

• We perform annual, preventive health screenings for all children in partner schools and child care centers. Screenings include vision, hearing, dental, height, weight, blood pressure, body mass index, and immunization reviews. We share results with parents, and when we identify a need, we follow up to make sure that the child receives appropriate care.

• We address the physical, mental health, social, and academic needs of high-risk children by implementing the holistic Health and Wellness Team Model (HWT) in schools. School-based teams of professionals with expertise in education, health, and mental health develop action plans for each child, then monitor the plans and interventions for success. This is the most demanding and costly area of our program.

• We develop a financial plan to fund the care that students need. This includes providing technical support and assistance to schools thorough the Medicaid Provider application process. Once a school obtains provider status, we help them implement the program, maximize reimbursement, and sustain the program over time.

While our core focus remains in high-risk, high-need communities such as Central City and Tremé, our goal is to expand our effective, evidence-based model to more of New Orleans’ neighborhoods — connecting more children with the care they need, building nurturing support and services in their schools, creating safe environments for them to live and learn, and enhancing their families and communities in the process.

When our children receive this basic foundation, there is no limit to what they can achieve!

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